About us

We build our work on fundamental values - this is honesty, openness, high professionalism, responsibility and pleasure from work

For many years of work we have executed dozens of design projects and concepts, more than thousands of 3D images.

We develop and implement the correct design of interiors, commercial 3D visualization. Leading specialists with a team of assistants work on the projects. We help clients in Uzbekistan and abroad, traveling to any part of the world if necessary.


Orders us: developers, advertising agencies, builders, corporations, architectural studios, individual designers and architects, as well as private clients who want to make repairs or build a house.

Our team

We managed to gather a team of professionals working for the result. The main specialists work in the office, some remotely over the Internet, and a part - at the departures and construction sites.

Designers, visualizers, modelers, animators, screenwriters, operators, composers, managers, art directors, builders, suppliers - the state is fully staffed and ready to work.

About the author

Abdullokh Suleimanov - designer, 3D artist. He is engaged in architectural visualization, designs interiors, advises clients. Created from scratch and successfully develops companies in the field of design and design for corporate and private clients:

3D graphics studio: visualization of real estate.
Interiors design studio: design and implementation of projects.



 Experience in numbers

– works in the industry since 2002;
– more than 100 completed projects and images for design and visualization;
– created the studio and implemented over 100 other projects in the team.



Currently Abdullokh

– creates interior designs for his customers;
– develops author's design studio and 3D graphics;
– advises other businesses



 In free time

– travels, studies the world;
– visits interesting places and events;
– communicates with friends and colleagues;
– is engaged in self-development, learning new things.



How to contact with Abdullokh

1. All questions you can leave on our site right in the contacts section. This is the fastest way to get an answer.

2. Also, questions can be asked through a personal assistant - creatiff-design@mail.ru phone +998 71 200 1117 

3. For the press: if you are a journalist and would like to write an article, take an interview from Abdullokh or print a project, write to us creatiff-design@mail.ru to ask an interesting question or come to our office.



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