to the design studio Creatiff Design


  Looking for a designer?

  Would like to give your home individuality?

  Need a design that will increase the value of real estate?



We offer

 Take on all the problems associated with the creation and implementation of your project

  Save your money on the supply of materials through proven low-cost suppliers

  A weighted approach, convenient communication, 10-years pattern of work





We have created and implemented more than 100 design projects, we know where problems can arise and how to prevent them.


   Full accompaniment

 Author's supervision, project management, implementation. We will spare you from the need to communicate with builders.


  The maximum complete set

Layout, sketches, visualization, light design, working drawings, furniture selection, work with suppliers.



With the complex support of the construction of the facility you save from 20 to 40% of the funds.



How we are working?

 1- step Meeting

While appointed meeting, details of the future design of the project will be discussed, with all the criteria and wishes of the customer.


2- step Technical specification, measurements, photo fixation. 

The stage consists of the collection of preliminary information, personal data, photographic fixation, measurement plan, selection of references, coordination of principle zoning.


3- step Designer plans space

This is the basis of the design project, at this stage, the interior design studio draws out the planning decisions of each room and already from them you can choose what you like. The development of a plan for the future design of the building provides for even the layout of walls and communications, which is especially important for a house that is still under construction. The design project of your house, executed on such a thought-out system, will ensure the reduction of unforeseen expenses for possible redevelopment during the construction process. The Design Studio Creatiff Design will help you in this.


4- step Visualizer draws the interior in 3D

At the next stage the design studio Creatiff Design develops photorealistic 3D models of the design project. Such models clearly demonstrate the appearance of the future premises of the house. They allow you to see and evaluate all the nuances of the design project. Comments on the project, which appeared after the consideration of 3D-models, make it possible to avoid significant costs for various alterations in the course of construction work.


5- step Technologist draws Drawings

Only after the coordination of 3D-models a complete set of drawings of the design project will be developed. Necessary for builders, engineers and supervising construction work.


6- step Builders start repairing

Daily photo report from the construction site.

You no longer need to worry about how things are going at the construction site of your house, our foreman will send you a daily photo report on e-mail.



 How much does it cost

The price for the project is individual. After acquaintance with the information, we will make you a commercial offer. The price depends on the area and purpose of the object. The cost includes 3D visualization, selection of furniture and materials, working documentation.



Full description of the services of the design studio

The design of private interiors — is the development of a design project for an apartment, townhouse or house with subsequent implementation. Systems approach. Proven solutions. Convenient communications. High professionalism. Quality assurance. Savings in construction.


Design of commercial interiors — the creation of a concept of a full-fledged interior design for business. Beauty salons, restaurants, cafes, banks, shops, lobbies, terraces - everything that brings money to the owner, but in advance requires an investment in design.


Decoration of facades and landscape — we link all the components of the space for life into a single whole. Not least in this matter is the face of the house, lighting design and planning the place on the adjacent territory. Everything should be combined with the interior and emphasize its dignity.


Architectural design — creation from scratch and binding to the terrain of a modern or classical country house, a manor, a hotel, a castle. In detail we think over the concept, we count the areas, we connect with the general idea a landscape and an interior.


Construction management — is a complex of services that allows us to efficiently implement the project we invented so as to save the client's money and free his time from solving the innumerable large and small issues always accompanying any construction process.


The design concept and master plan — we think by scale. The work of the architect will help create a sketch, and then develop objects of any size and area. From a small farm and a hunting farm to a multifunctional car wash and even the concept of building a territory in Nigeria with objects of French classics.



How to start the interaction

1. Please see the basic information on the website about us and our projects.
2. If in principle you are satisfied with the way we work, what we are doing and the approximate cost, you can arrange a meeting in our office or immediately on your object.

3. If you are not completely sure of your choice, call +998 71 200 1117 or write to us to ask an interesting question or come to our office for a consultation.



Detailed description

We help the owners of residential and commercial real estate to optimally design and then implement the author's interior design of a modern apartment, a country house, restaurant or office, using interesting and thought-out technical solutions that allow creating a beautiful and functional interior without spending extra money.



 Our task

1. Create a technically correct, ergonomic and spectacular project that meets the client's explicit and hidden questions.
2. Help in the selection of materials and construction, organize the entire process from roughing to housewarming.



Design studio services

1. Design of private interiors

2. Design of commercial interiors

3. Decoration of facades and landscapes

4. Architectural design

5. Construction management

6. Design concept and master plan


The best design is born in a casual dialogue with the client, is approved on paper, develops in the process of discussion, is implemented under close surveillance, with a thoughtful sequence that guarantees the use of interesting, creative and financially sound solutions. Such a design is doomed to success.

Author's supervision, technical control or complex implementation of the project by the studio's specialists minimizes production risks, ensuring a significant cost savings and customer time. Simply put, we take care of all the worries about the object. Once you make the right choice, you can no longer worry about the result.



 What is the designer's job?

 The interior should be functional, technological, aesthetic. Buying a house or apartment entails the desire to give this space an individuality. We are sure: you want to have a house that will satisfy all the needs of your family and will reflect your attitude. Naturally, you want not only to create the ideal housing, but also to make sure that in the future the house will increase in price - thanks to ideas, technologies and materials laid in it.

 In the modern world, creating an interior of an apartment or a house, properly investing in it requires careful preparation and planning. We face the challenge of choosing and skillfully combining style, technological innovations, proven solutions, materials, light, architectural proportions, engineering and other ideas in one interior, which is not always a simple task even for a professional. Complicating the solution is a huge selection of product options presented on the market. And often it takes a lot of time to figure out which materials are right for you.

 The design project — is the formalized result of the painstaking work, the result of the process of interaction between the client and the designer in adapting and transferring the desired functional to the real object, usually taking into account the limited budget. As a result, the value of a design project is not so much in itself, as a product, but in the process, the dialogue that occurs between the designer and the client: consultations, the constant search for compromises, the choice of technologies, the search for and approval of ideas, this discussion creates the most ideas.

 The price of the error at the planning stage is extremely high, the cost of reworking is comparable to several design projects. Naturally, we would not recommend saving at this stage, so as not to risk the money that will be invested in construction. And your task as a responsible customer at the first stage of work or most thoroughly study the theme of design or choose the right consultant: interior designer. Pay special attention to this process.

 The essence of the interior designer's work, and this is correct, is to create a graphic and style part: a design project. The competence of an ordinary designer does not include technical support for the project and author's design. To do this, you need to have other skills. A typical design project is just one part of the work ahead. This must be understood when ordering a project.



Our clients

 Businessmen, top managers, department heads, demanded professionals. Successful in work and business. Are able to earn money. They got used to the fact that any problem in life should be solved by a specialist: they became ill - went to the doctor, the wheel went down - the service department, cleaning - the housekeeper. Our clients understand that the work of a designer is not a luxury, but a means to save money, time and nerves.



 Our customers automatically

1. Get the opportunity to translate into reality that idea, which, perhaps, was conceived long ago, but did not acquire any real outlines until the meeting with the designer.

2. Get rid of the need to know all the features and trends of modern design, to be guided by new materials, to control the repair processes.

3. Remove the problem of choosing from dozens of options for alternative solutions on the market. Having carried out a balanced analysis, the designer will give reasoned recommendations.

4. May not care about the questions that builders and other contractors will ask. All answers are in the working documentation and on the author's supervision.

5. Receive transparent pricing - open accounting, photo fixation and reports on the work done.


 Many of our customers have sufficient knowledge, capabilities and life experience to figure out all the design stages themselves, but they do not want to waste time on it. Often for them, this is not the first repair, and they understand that it is simply impossible to do without a specialist.

 Other customers, on the contrary, do not understand design at all. And they really need the help of a professional, so as not to get lost in the huge choice of materials. After all, every decision must be combined with other ideas, and also be adequate to the project budget, which is not always easy to achieve.



 Solvable tasks

Usually, in the design studio is approached to solve the following problems:
1. In joint work, create a project concept, an interesting idea, layout, visualization and basic selection of materials.

2. When the project is completed, the keys are received and there is a need to start construction work, engineering, but there is no plan for outlets, partitions.
3. Create a design project from scratch, having thoroughly worked out the idea and its implementation.

4. Comprehensively approach the task - to prepare everything: from project to implementation. This is important when the client does not want to interfere with the process, completely trusts the designer, leaving behind the coordination and comments at each stage.




Projects with which we usually work:
1. Apartments with an area of 100-200 m²
2. Townhouses with an area of 150-450 m²
3. Cottages with an area of 200-600 m²
4. Houses with an area of 600-1500 m²
5. Offices, halls, restaurants, entrance groups ranging with an area from 100 to 10,000 m².


 In each of these categories has its own design features, proven engineering solutions, technologies and materials.



Acquaintance with the studio

Naturally, in the first place should be a portfolio. The preselection and filter are always performed visually. Beautiful and realized projects - that's what they pay attention to on the Internet, at exhibitions and in personal communication. So we do when we are looking for partners. The same applies to most of our customers.

And if we are talking about portfolio, then you will have plenty to choose from. You will be able to find a project for the soul, learn new ideas, evaluate the quality.

You will see the styles, the main features of the application of materials, colors and other design solutions, get acquainted with the technology of work in the illustrated examples. Look at our works in the portfolio section. They are sorted by category and you can easily find the style that suits you. Each project has a history, which we can talk about in detail.


We will tell you in detail about the upcoming design process, help you realize the dream of an ideal home in the shortest possible time, freeing from costly mistakes in implementation.

Our task at the first stage of acquaintance is to give you all the necessary information so that you understand what and how will happen in the process, what kind of results to expect, exactly how they will look and what they will give you during the construction. We would like not only to give you an algorithm for selecting a designer, but also to explain its meaning on examples.



Photos of realized objects

It is a great pleasure to see the live realization of the work done. These projects are understandable, thought out and logical. We already try to take pictures of already embodied objects. More details can be found in the section before and after the implemented objects.



About the main in styles

If we are talking about the visual component, about perception, then first of all we have in mind the styles, but not their generally accepted classification. Style for us is not just a reflection of the era or fashion - something more.

This is a well-designed and optimized set of characteristic interior solutions: colors, materials, technologies, engineering communications, a combination of functions, a construct and an artistic component, selected for certain parameters of the object.

In the course of our activity, we managed to select, form and implement several such unique areas that are very interesting and multifaceted on the one hand, and on the other - optimized for the basic needs of our customers.

Naturally, having experience, logic and knowledge, we can carry out a project that fully meets the client's expectations in any style, but we are particularly good at several directions that our customers prefer most often.



Basic styles

These are directions in interior design, with which we work regularly:


Modern style — is a simple light image with interesting elements, but a budget embodiment.



Classic style with three variations of saturation: light, medium, heavy.



Art Deco — an elegant mixture of classic surroundings and modern details.



National and morocco — ethnic style of the countries of the Middle East.




The maximum complete set

Our design projects are not a set of pictures, but specific solutions worked out, including:
1. Visual series - consistent 3D images, on which you can select materials, color combinations, curtains, fabrics, furniture.
2. Working documentation in full required volume: plan, electrician, tile layout, equipment installation diagrams and other sections with dimensions.
3. Selection of offers from subcontractors with prices for engineering, equipment, supply of materials and other custom items, calculated on the budget.


Thanks to such training, the possibility of errors, surprises, cost overruns at the construction site is minimized. And if the failure does happen, it will immediately be clear who is to blame and what should be done to correct the situation as soon as possible.



Full accompanying

Author's supervision, project management, turnkey realization. We strive to bring each project to its logical conclusion - to build, complete and photograph. The idea to turn into reality, see the result of our work and joy in the eyes of the client. This is one of the main reasons why we are engaged in design. Complex realization service.



The price of design is important

By offering a solution, we immediately know the approximate cost of implementation. If you have a maximum budget, we will not go beyond it, or pre-agree it, show the pros and cons, discuss the options. Any design element becomes interesting only if it costs reasonable money. It is clear that you can draw and project anything. The question is: where do you buy it and what will be the cost? Is it adequate for the budget of the project and the task? We know the answers to these questions. It is because many designers are addicted to work, forgetting about the needs of the client, so often the visualization does not correspond to the implementation. Our words do not differ from the case. Everything that was invented in the concept - is embodied.



Exact solution

Our first task is to understand the client, to jointly formulate the task and to offer the most exact solution to it. The course of our thoughts is consistent. Based on the information that we are discussing with the customer, we will offer the most interesting option. If this option does not work for some reason, or you want to supplement the initial information, we will finalize the project and reconcile it again. We pass to the next stage, only fully confirming the previous one.




Author's design

You get a really thoughtful design, devoid of flaws. To do this, you only need to participate in the negotiation process. Communicate with us, discuss the details and questions that concern you. Separation of duties of the studio of the staff helps the chief designer to devote more time to the creation of the project itself, and to devote the drawing and 3D visualization to assistants. This separation is primarily beneficial to the client - the opportunity to gain experience as a TOP specialist for reasonable money.



How to start the interaction

1. Please see the basic information on the website about us and our projects.
2. If in principle you are satisfied with the way we work, what we are doing and the approximate cost, you can arrange a meeting in our office or immediately on your object.

3. If you are not completely sure of your choice, call +998 71 200 1117 or write to us to ask an interesting question or come to our office for a consultation.